When Warm arrived in Native indian a large hullabaloo kept rumors shelves reverberated for relatively extended interval period but now after almost an year of her appearance in Native indian it looks like Warm has well resolved in in tinsel city and is all set to provide a challenging battle to the pizzazz of stunning dames like Face book and Kat.

And this has once again been shown by the outcomes of a paid study in which Warm has appeared as most explored superstar of Bollywood.

So have a look at some of the Bollywood celebrities who have appeared as most explored celebrities in a latest paid study.

International Elegance Aishwarya

It won't be incorrect to say that Aishwarya is regarded as the experience of Bollywood all across the planet.

And it's this worldwide existing appeal of this red eyed doe which has fetched her click-affection of 11 thousand cine lovers.

Salman 'The Dabangg' Khan

Although simple name of Salman is effective enough to punch a film beyond that 100 Crore making indicate. Besides this when it comes to fan following on public media systems, then there are very few celebrities who can think of competitive with Salman.

But while competitive in most explored superstar group, Salman could only contact 1 Core indicate. But the truth about which Salman can feature about is that he is the only men superstar of Bollywood who has prevailed in making it to top five.

 Sizzling Hot Sunny

Ever since she has moved her platform to tinsel city, reputation of Warm is in contact with the new capabilities with every moving time.

After obtaining the respect of 'Most Researched Native indian superstar this year. Now reputation of Warm has achieved to another level and now she has appeared as Most Searched Native indian Celebrity.

Stats recommend that Warm was explored by 3.5 Crore net customers in Dec 2012.
Fortunate Muscat Katrina

Undoubtedly she is lucky Muscat of tinsel city and operates an appeal which can mesmerize large numbers, but it looks like despite having lots of pizzazz, Kat couldn't provide a challenging battle to Warm and could only get the interest of 1.6 Core net customers.

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