Molokai atoll was established about 15,000 decades ago, to crack out of the crater with lava. Within this natural difficult cress are discovered more than 250 striper and 38 varieties of barrier, which are no longer discovered throughout the Hawaiian Sea.

On the isle there is definitely no floor, and around massive coves just quiet. That is why the nearby ocean and are regarded the greenest in all the Traditional Destinations. Molokai atoll itself increases only 50 yards above the water surface area, and its surface area is seen only rare plants so loud community krasnogrudyh frigates, which in the insufficient should (here stay only a few number of rabbits) home on its coves to save forests information of Hawaii islands later a special quality of the prohibition of people getting on the atoll of Molokai.

Compared to other Traditional islands, the exposure under water off the shore of Molokai up to 50 yards, and the water itself is uncommonly fresh and clear. Bombed this exotic heaven on the moral sense of People in America, and as a result of a multi-ton metal used the entire region around the atoll

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