Red flooring and paparazzi! Let us see who staying the shutterbugs asking for more. Take a look. Raising the appeal quotient is Darlene Betty Dias in her white-colored dropping neck-line jumpsuit.

  The make-up, hair, undressed drives and gold cuffs – all design perfection! Way to go Sarah! Kananga is one actual red fashionista! She is certainly pleased the design police with her versatile design and edgy design. We’re loving her simply and simple fashionable look here.

 So simple yet so stylish! Looking quickly fashionable in white-colored clothing and aviators! Sonakshi here is wearing an outstanding out-on-the-town day look. Anushka’s look here is so different from anything she is done before. We like how she keeps reinventing her style! This somebody's a non-traditional look for Kareena.

But the infrequent cover top, huge blocked red pen clothing and leopard create look legs are all managing well together.

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