The Twelfth yearly Skip World 2012 contest held in Manila, Malaysia came to a close with Skip Czech Republic Teresa Fajksova as Skip World 2012, Skip Malaysia Stephaney Stefanowitz as Skip World Air, Skip Venezuela Osmariel Villalobos as Skip World Water and Skip South America Camilla Brant as Skip World Flame. Over the month long event, 80 associates have worked difficult to achieve the Skip World top, there were many favorites such as Skip Prachi Mishra who showed Indian and had packaged the Friendly relationship subtitle at Skip World 2012. The night got an amazing start with Billy Crawford's spectacular performance and an amazing night dress competitors by the 8 final contestants. 09 more pictures after the break...

    Earlier before the coronation night, special prizes were declared to the following nations for being exceptional in those categories:

    Online Skip Photogenic - Skip Venezuela placed 1st with 25,667 ballots (Gold), Skip Thailand got 22,326 ballots (Silver) and Skip Costa Rica gained 18,817 ballots (Bronze).

    National outfit competitors - Skip Thailand won the Silver honor, while Overlooks South African-American and Malaysia packaged the gold and brown prizes, respectively.

    Evening dress competitors ( Group 3)- Bronze to Skip Norwegian, gold to Skip Thailand and Silver to Skip Guatemala!

Top 4 final contestants were (in unique order)




    Czech Republic

during the question answer round, where they were requested 'what would you consider as your interpreting moment as a lady,' all the 4 final contestants provided their solutions with great poise style. Skip Malaysia responded to, "Philippines are about being a lady of the World and to battle to preserve and protect the environment. She is for electricity."

While Skip Venezuela kept it short, she said, "Venezuela is about making an effort, attaining her objectives, satisfying her obligations."

Though, everyone provided her best, lastly Skip Czech Republic packaged the headline of Skip World 2012 , Skip World Air is Skip Malaysia, Skip World Water is Skip Venezuela and Skip World Flame is Skip South America.

Miss World 2012, Tereza Fajksova was crowned by her predecessor- Skip World 2011-Olga Alava of Ecuador

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