Cranberry extract //Cranberries and lingo berries are essential for the treatment of the common cold. It’s just a unique means for its anti-bacterial qualities. They also have a diuretic and anti-inflammatory. Preparation Morse Grind red grapes or cranberry with glucose (3:1). 2 toss Pour mixture of 0.5 liters of water. Healthy beverage is ready!

  •  Decoction of rose hips // Rosehips – the perfect source of vitamin C. It also has diuretic and choler tic action.

  •  Hot dairy with drinking water //This tool is especially useful for coughs, as it promotes expectoration of sputum. Nutrient water must use alkaline (egg, Borzoi).

 Milk with beans // Garlic has a strong bactericidal effect. In the heated dairy to add 10 drops of beans fruit juice, and consume better at night.
 Tea with fruits and veggies of strawberry and calcium flowers //Raspberry and calcium color distinguished by their pronounced diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory qualities. Also gives the tea a delightful strawberry flavor and unique taste. The most useful to add dry fruit strawberry tea, but you can use jam and strawberry simply leave.

  • Hot tea with hones and lemon //Very useful rather weak black or green tea with 1 tsp hones (honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, and contains a lot of minerals, trace elements and vitamins) and freshly squeezed lemon fruit juice. Lemon is important not to add the steaming water, and is already a little iced tea to keep vitamin C. 
  • In anticipation of the chilly winter would like to invite you to adopt very healthy beverages chilly. Outside the window slush and chilly, there is a chance to forgive and chilly. If you peremerzli, we recommend you use one of the recipes that are tested by our grandmothers.11 medicinal Drinks in winter
  • Infusion: chop (you can tolkushkoy) 3 toss dry fruit, add 0.5 liters of steaming water and keep instantaneously in a thermos. In the morning stress and consume 1/2 cup 4 periods a day Half an hour before foods. In the infusion can add hones or Chairs. Food preparation broth: dry fruits and veggies (2 tablespoons), add 2 cups steaming water and let stand over low heat for 10 moments. Cool, stress.
  • Stewed fruit Decoction of dry fruit has a tonic and soothing effect with a chilly.100 g of dry fruit to sort, cut large fruits and veggies. All dry thoroughly with water. First, cook the celery and pears until tender for Half an hour, adding glucose (3 toss to 1 liter of water and then dry plums and prunes, and at the end of five moments before the end of cooking, add the raisins and plums. Compote In ready, you can add freshly squeezed lemon fruit juice or lemon, hones.
  •  Nutmeg tea with lemon // Warm and chilly save this drink: 1 cup of hot water mixed with 1 toss hones, 1 toss freshly squeezed lemon fruit juice, 0.5 tsp minced cinnamon and a pinch of cinnamon. You can add a little bit of dry tea crushed mint simply leaves.
  • Mulled bottles of wine // Excellent solution for the common cold and simply delightful, wholesome, warming drink!1.5 bottles of dry red beverages, lemon, clove buds 5, 0.25 tsp nutmeg, 0.5 tsp ground cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger powder, 2-3 toss glucose. Mix the spices, add 100 ml of water, bring to a steam, remove from heat, and infuse 10 moments.

Strain. Cut lemon slices. Stir in bottles of wine, soup, glucose, and lemon segments. All bring to a steam, but do not boil! In mulled bottles of wine, you can add as hones, celery and raisins. Serve hot. Drink better at night once to bed, and put your feet heated grelochku.

  • Chamomile tea tea//Chamomile – a soft anti-inflammatory. In combination with calcium and hones is a good cough solution. Tea: Take 1 tsp chamomile and linden flower, steam 1 cup of steaming water for 20 moments, drain. Drink 1/3 cup 3 periods a day before foods. You can add hones.

 Tea with Echinacea // Echinacea – known immunostimulant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Infusion 1 st.l.travy Echinacea add 1/2 liter of steaming water in a thermos and keep instantaneously. Strain, consume 1/3 cup 3 periods a day for half an hour before foods.

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