Pictures by Jerome Much and NEXT Architects

The Melkwegbridge is situated in Purmerend, the Holland. The link is aspect of the master plan ‘De Kanaalsprong’ and joins the ancient town middle with the towns’ new region. The most stunning aspect of the link, developed by NEXT Designers, is a large posture which gets to the size of 12m above level and appears in an ongoing range with the Milkweed-road, thus providing an amazing perspective over the town. The high search is a fascination in itself and allows people on the streets fully experience the regards between the new and ancient middle of Purmerend. 12 more images after the break...

Bicycles and rest visitors mix the link using the 100m long bike outdoor patio. This outdoor patio was developed as a pendulum over the water, so that the mountain could be restricted to a lowest. Because people visitors were divided from bikers, the immediate range between the Milkweed-road and town center could stay. Furthermore the 48m posture continues to be the quickest possible way to mix the water.

The people link is 85 plenty, includes 130 steps and is reinforced by a metal posture. The design makes it able to maintain the spatial visibility of the route and its environment. Both link segments circulation easily into each other and form one whole. This oneness is improved by the continual of materials and shades. In the sides of the link LED lines are used that follow the shape of the link and assures an amazing perspective on the link even after sundown.

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