"Sapna says that I like unknown people, I like to connect with them and communicate with them on a private level,"

Sapna 's Bigg Boss ^ Video and photosa

Thank you to the ugly battles and poor words, the last year of "Bigg Boss" was moved from the prime time slot to late night slot.

The 6th version that moved on air Sunday has 15 famous people and is being beamed on Colors from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on mon-fri.

But Sapna Bhawani says fights and hard storms are likely in this kind of set up.

I have never viewed a one show of 'Bigg Boss' so far. So this is fairly new to me and I am excited about it, as I have no idea about the policies of the BB house. Sapna believed I will certainly not get a foundation as large as this," reported the hair stylist who likes to meet unknown people.

Of course, Sapna is tense but at the exact time excited too.


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"When you place so a lot of persons with each other, disputes are certain to happen... this year a lot of points have improved and will be for youngsters and family audience," Sapna Said said.

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