That are being believed now are doubtful figures like Kim Kardashian and Poonam Pandey and celebrities like Big Pandey, Shobha De, Faisal Khan, Sayali Bhagat and Sangram Singh. When we contacted Sayali, she accepted that he was contacted by the bb house, but he denied the offer. "The bb house contacted me to join in the fact show, but I denied. I don't think I can withstand in such an environment, where people do nothing, apart from discussing and planning to secure their place in the property. I have nothing against the show or the bb house, actually I have to believe the factor that it is the one of the most saw fact shows, and had I made the decision to join, it would have been useful with regards to becoming more well-known, but I just think I'm not cut for such shows," Sayali says. 

   Siyali bhagat Launch Gitanjali's Gold ATM Photo Gallery

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