Poonam Pandey has revealed her attraction for anklets as she submitted few of the images brandishing a set on her attractive feet.

According to Poonam, the design of dressed in anklets never ends as she twitter posts, "I’m circular to begin swaying anklets again TCU I liked them why they ever go out of style?"  Poonam Pandey At Launch of Film Scapegoat

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She further included, "My anklets have little jingle factors on them & everything’s so quite all you can here is me strolling going jingle, heehaw."

She cannot quit her referring to her attractive feet as she twitter posts, "I am so ashy it’s not even humorous....Like not humorous at all . . . My feet needs ta be presented ta cream . . . Like now..."

Talking about the individual’s attraction, she says, "While some fetishes can be seen as more "particular" than others, most individuals go through stages where they get stuck about a certain item, act or aspect of our bodies. Fetishes are extremely extensive and are not irregular in any way."

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