Hollywood's Good Girls Gone Bad

After looking at some of the young stars of western showbiz, it looks like these young women don't hesitate in shedding their squeaky-clean images for something a little edgier. During their glamorous jaunt in showbiz, some of them lost their heads for a while and turned into the bad girls of western glamor aisles.

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So let's have a look at some of the gorgeous dames of western showbiz who had frequent trysts with the controversies.

Miley Cyrus

This gorgeous damsel known for her mesmerizing smile was the ultimate Disney star as Hannah Montana, but her boosted pace on the the glittery lanes of showbiz severely shook off her clean image.

  Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay left everyone mesmerized by her astonishing performance in cine flick 'Parent Trap' and from there her career took off towards the horizons of showbiz. But even this damsel could not digest this soothing dose of early stardom and turned into most favored child of controversy.

Lindsay's tryst with alcohol rehabilitation, violating her probation severely hampered her once successful acting career.

4. Mischa Barton

Another hottie for whom this glittery stardom emerged as an onset of aberration from the success path is, The OC star, Mischa Barton. Her stupendous looks catapulted her to fame, but it looks as if it was too early for her.

Later on, Barton emerged as one such gorgeous lass of Hollywood, who had more legal troubles and DUI's than acting jobs in her kitty.

Taylor Momsen

With those big blue eyes and blond curls, no one would have imagined that this magnificent dame will ever transform from goody-two-shoes Jenny on Gossip Girl to a ball of teenage angst.

Eversince her transforming into a controversial figure, Momsen never allowed her gossip mills to run out of fuel and always managed to stir the gossip aisles, either by her controversial remarks or by pruriently posing for the lens.

Christina Aguilera

Like Britney, Christina Aguilera also put her Mickey Mouse days behind her and didn't waste any time in getting Dirty.

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgen is another dame from the nursery of Disney who somewhat emerged as a spoilt child of Disney.

After enduring three separate nude photo scandals, Hudgens again got into the claws of controversy when she was captured by some paparazzi while licking some mysterious substance at Coachella.

And the decent image of Vanessa, promptly vanished when those photos hit the web.

Britney Spears

Britney is one such celebrity, who shot into stardom quite early. At a young age of 16, she emerged as the uncrowned princess of pop-world.

But this ultimate hottie smashed her innocent girl image, when she shed all her inhibition in front of millions by sharing an on-stage kiss with Madonna. And from there an era of of public meltdowns, divorce and rehab took over.

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