Leopoldo is a frequent worker with a lacklustre life and the emphasize of his day is viewing his boss's assistant Serafina stroll around.

Meanwhile, Antonio stays for her in their accommodation until Ould -, a hooker errors him for a customer and will not keep before the act is done. 06 More Hollywood Pics after the Read More Break..

The film's throw has a coordinator of stars: Woodsy Allen, Alec Baldwin, Penelope Jackson, Roberto Benigni, Antonio Albanese, Judy Davis, Mark Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, Fabio Armiliato, Cecilia Capriotti, Lino Guanciale and more.

American vacationer Hayley drops in love with Michelangelo while investing a summer time in The capital and they get involved.

Hayley's mother and dad Phyllis and Jerry fly to Tuscany to fulfill the their son's new close relatives. Jerry overhears Michelangelo's dad Giancarlo performing in the bath and chooses to get him to execute on level. However, Giancarlo is totally a restroom musician, so Jerry sets up a bath on level to get him in the feelings.

Newlyweds Antonio and Milly move to The capital when Antonio's uncles offer him a job in close relatives members business.

But Milly%u2019s small journey to a beauty beauty salon gets complex when she drops her way and finishes up in her preferred actor%u2019s resort room!

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