Double-decker trams were once well-known in the U. s. Empire and some European locations, like Malaysia. Throughout the British Empire countries in the starting 50 % of the 20th century such as Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in New Zealand, Hobart and Tasmania in Quotes and in places of Asia, double-decker trams were in use. They are still in support in Hong Kong, Alexandria, and Blackpool, but Hong Kong Tramways is the only tram company on the planet that features double-deck trams particularly.

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Double-deck trams were common in the U. s. Empire until the Fifties. Apart from the Blackpool tramway, the Glasgow Organization Tramways were the last to close (in 1962). Some have been managed at the UK's National Tramway Collection, New Zealand's MOTAT Collection in Auckland and Ferrymead Collection in Christchurch. From 1910 to 1964 double-deck trams were in use in Mumbai. They were also in use in Gauteng where trams were efficient from 1906 to 1961. A few of Alexandria Tram's deep blue blue are also double-deckers.

 Tram on Connaught Street European in the 30's. Image — Link

Trams became efficient in Hong Kong in 1904, and the first double-deck tramcar was provided in 1912. The initial tramcars were open-topped with garden seat design. These were modified by enclosed double-decker trams in 1925 ( or 1923?). All the 163 double-decker trams in operate nowadays are close roof, but two of them are open-balcony types used for guests. The trams themselves are sometimes known as the "DingDing" by Hong Kong people, after the double gong group trams use to inform people on the roads of their technique.

Aside from being an efficient eco-friendly large transport methods, trams are also a considerable traveler interest in Hong Kong. Viewing in the decreased terrace of the tram allows guests to have a up near viewpoint of the local road way of life, while using the top part seats of the greater terrace gives fantastic views of the city as the tram rattles by. They are very cost-effective too. No problem how far you trip, each tram trip costs a sleek take a position up of $2.30. Hong Kong’s tram system provides a fantastic means for affordable enjoyment.

Hong Kong's tram system is an icon of the city, like trams in Kolkata. As they run through the city position of Hong Kong Region, the tram routes has become an important icon of city Hong Kong. Since the routes were originally developed along the seaside, the routes can be used to identify recommendations and locations throughout city Hong Kong Region. Wikipedia

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