After Satyamev Jayate outlined the nuisance of women foeticide, a variety of condition government authorities have woken up to the malice, the newest being MaharashtraThe Maharashtra govt is considering to punch expenses of killing on those engaged in it. The condition plans to deliver a offer to the center to implement Native indian Penal Value 302 (murder) on those engaged such as close relatives and medicos.

"It is an essential problem. I am satisfied that they are considering this phase. Abortion is lawful in our nation but sex choice is not and there should be a severe penalties for it," Aamir said.

"It's not that due to our display that the Maharashtra condition is getting this phase. They have been operating towards it for lengthy, it's just that may be they have got a increase as lot of individuals are with them in avoiding this factor," he said.

It was in the first show of Satyamev Jayate in May, where Aamir outlined the problem of women foeticid"Lot of ministers known as me saying they liked our display. And they are also getting pro-active and doing factors," he said. "We all want a modify in community. We all want our nation to become a better position."

Basking in the wonder of his first appearance tv display Satyamev Jayate, Aamir Khan is eager its second period by next season.

Aamir created his first appearance on little display with the public issue-based display where he is seen featuring several factors like women foeticide, dowry, inter-caste wedding and others.

"On an psychological stage, I would want Season 2 of the display. Hopefully, by next season we should come up with next period," Aamir informed correspondents.

"I keep in mind few individuals informing me that this display is a public (one) and it will not perform. But seeing the effect it has had... it has shown cynics incorrect," he said.

Before the creators plan to go forward with Season two of Satyamev Jayate, they would bring out floor action by getting individuals side effects about the display and evaluate its effect in the community.
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"Our analysis group will accessibility the effect designed by the display, go to different locations take result of individuals. We need to know what we had set out to do with this display have we actually obtained... obtained that stage. All these factors will take two-three several weeks," Aamir said.

"Also, we have a information prepared where we have got side effects about the display either through e-mails, sms, telephone calling or on online method. We are monitoring all this," he said.

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