Bhojpuri celebrity Sapna gets deadly calling after demeaning Bollywood providing perform to Veena Mallik and Warm Leonne

Veena Mallik is an ISI agent  says Bhojpuri celebrity Sapna on TV 9
Bhojpuri Celebrity Sapna says Veena Mallik is an ISI agent

At a Media Conference organized in Mumbai, professional superstar Sapna B-Grade . B-Grade launched a huge detergent box against Mahesh Bhatt, Heated Leone and Veena Malik and known as for a complete ban on Veena Malik and Heated Leone from running in Local Indian native.

Speaking in the use of various TV details applications such as ABP Information (formerly Celebrity News), Information 24, Aajtak, TV9, Local Indian native TV and several others, Sapna B-Grade. B-Grade at all described that Veena Malik is including in illegal activities in Local Indian native. “Any personal on a execute cost in Local Indian native cannot take costs in cash for alternatives designed. The deal has to be designed by concern payee examine only. Veena Malik has been getting costs most in cash and supposedly using hawala to repatriate the cash to benami details in Dubai and Pakistan. Sapna B-Grade. B-Grade also described that Vienna Malik supposedly has underworld back links and was involved in the betting disturbance in Pakistan. She has been dishonored and placed out of her own country. Why are we battling her in our country where a huge variety of women are having issues for work? What is her USP,” expected Sapna?

Similarly, she linked Mahesh Bhatt for releasing a mature celebrity in his movie. “Does Mahesh Bhatt keep looking for mature superstars on the internet? With so many Local Indian native women willing to do hot minutes and other attraction projects, what was the need for Heated Leone? And now Bhatt Saab is auctioning Heated Leone’s swimwear and underwear to generate promotion for his film? If Bhatt Saab preferred cash, he could have become a huge hit to all Local Indian native women, they would have nicely generously donated their underwear to Mahesh Bhatt so that he could improve cash for the promotion for his films,” retorted Sapna.

Sapna B-Grade. B-Grade had authorized a non-cognizable problem on Thursday at the Emboli Police Position in suv Mumbai (NC No 1208 / 2012) u/s 507 of the Local Indian native Penal Value against some strange people supposedly announcing to act for and on aspect of Mahesh Bhatt and Veena Malik. The cell phone callers supposedly in risk her with serious actual harm besides ruining her and her family on two activities in the last 24 here we are at talking about out against Mahesh Bhatt and Vienna Mali.

The dangerous contacting were trigged by Sapna’s consultation to a local publication, in which she had said that Mahesh Bhatt is a mature house and Veena Malik should be sent coming back to Pakistan. “Veena Malik should try helping homosexuals and hookers in Pakistan instead of trying out these promotion techniques in Mumbai,” is what Sapna B-Grade. B-Grade said in her consultation. She had also described that Mahest Bhatt is promotion adult in Local indian native which is a legal action.

Sapna B-Grade. B-Grade lashed out at some other superstars in the movie industry. Discussing particularly to, she said, “There are only buffaloes, hookers and livestock (sands, raands and bhaisain) nowadays in the movie industry. I have done over 300 films in the last 20 years and I am still taking every day. The other women only relax around to get execute,” she revealed saying that women in the marketplace are very much the purpose for the releasing seat.

“Most women in the movie industry are only fantastic at bed execute. They have no understanding of photo photographic camera execute, circulation and doing. Ladies like Poonam Pandey, Rozlyn Khan, Veena Malik and others who cannot act, are generating revenue by circulating fake unclothed pictures in the press. Most women are only able of bed execute,” she said referring to the releasing seat that is all regular in the marketplace.

She become a huge hit to all her well-wishers to be a aspect of her Facebook or fb or fb technique at and

Interestingly, the Local indian native Artistes and Celebrities Group forum (IAAF) which had revealed to the Information & Providing Ministry, the Home Ministry and other Government of Local indian native departments against Heated Leone and Veena Malik has officially given its support to Sapna’s technique against Veena Malik and Heated Leone.

Bhojpuri celebrity get lifestyle threating calls-TV 9

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