Nargis Aik Naye Andaz Kay Shat
Best Tune - Harey Go Diyan Wangan
Mujra CD - Best of Nargis Vol 03
Harey Go Diyan Wangan
Pa Kay Jidhron Ve Laghan
Mahi Luk Chup Takhda Rahway
Ho, Chory Chory Hasda Rahway

       Nargis is the present 'Queen of the Punjab' in Mujra Flow and Movies landscape on the Lahore part of Pakistan. Nargis has a type of non-urban appeal and city overall look, the vibrant outfits are a mix of Punjabi 'bling' and Pathan Tummy Flow.

 Newest Pakistan Mujra - Nargis collection with Punjabi Beat 'Harey Go Diyan Wangan' Best of Nargis Vol 3

An identical scenario is revealed about Tummy Dancers in The red sea in a Persia novel, 'Al Raqasa We Al Siyasi' ['The Tummy Professional ballerina and The Politician - Which One Is the More Corrupt?']. It was created as an Persia film in the Nineteen-eighties with Nabila Abid as a ballerina who was impacting state policies through her connection with a top govt reverend.
'Al Raqasa We Al Siyasi' can be discovered at this we blink but it has no British Subtitles:

ROTANA Lebanon have a DVD with British Subtitles.

The film is amazing look at the harassment and hypocrisy of the dancer's part and non-role in the red sea.

Pakistan's Mujra-walis seem to have an identical connection with the individuals and the govt.

This tune is a remix re-recording of a Punjabi film tune 'Harley Go Diyan Wangan' which was sang by Noor Jehan onto the experience of Sangeeta in the 1985 film 'Mehndi'['Henna'].

It isn't obvious who is performing this tune; it may be Nargis or a smaller known singer?

The music design has modified due to company economics. The film market used to create a lot of cash, so complete band of drums equipment and post etc. created up the unique tune. The Mujra Companies are on restricted DVD income, so the tune is created low-priced on a key pad and pc. The PERCUSSION [instruments you hit] does consist of an ACCOUSTIC [live] choice of conventional drums equipment such as DHOLAK [Double advancing side ground drums equipment from Punjabi Music] and a drum hit with a keep. Both are DOUBLE TRACKED [recorded several periods to audio like more than one] for TONE MASS [thickness of sound]. The drums equipment perform along to a digital drum defeat and create a Punjabi 'techno' beat with some innovative FILLS [rhythmic complete stops].

The speech is very poor with regards to the excellent record of Pakistani performers, but financial scenario and also Globalization is 'neutralizing' music everywhere. The audio is brighter and different to the mature hefty Punjabi tune and is fun with the graphics.

The song is very SYNCOPATED [off-beat] and the music and the drums equipment take against each other to take care of the SYNCOPATION to constant on-beat factors throughout the tune. It is quite amazing and provides excellent chances for Punjabi Hangar and Pathan Tummy Flow drinks.

Mujra has really progressed in Pakistan over the last several years. Lahore used to be affected by KATHAK [palace dancing with goes in flames dresses and pants with rear foot bells]. This Nargis Mujra is very much from Pushto Movies in Peshawar both in outfit and goes. This is much more Tummy Flow from Pathan's Center Eastern affected lifestyle. The KATHAK formerly required expertise, intracacies and exercising. This present trend of Mujra requires less expertise and is often described by some individuals as 'vulgar'. Mujra on film and in the cinemas is big company in Pakistan and tends to fly in the experience of some more conventional designs increasing in the nation.

Nargis is unbelievable as she can be, like all excellent Mujrawalis. She is non-urban and harsh and humorous like Fifi Abdu, Cairo's erotic and 'countryside beauty' Tummy Professional ballerina.

Mujra in Pakistan has a lengthy record and with today's technological innovation has designed and modernized into a very well-known art type and enjoyment.

Khaartoum Route functions as an academic store of unusual professional East-West performers plus a display for Khartoum music by my buddies and me, or just me, motivated by East-West press. The aim is to motivate composers with professional types in nationwide designs.

Khartoum Route Motivates Individuals SUPPORT THE ARTS and BUY THE ORIGINAL.

No trademark intrusion is designed introducing this film for academic requirements. All privileges to OK CD CORNER, LAHORE, PAKISTAN.
 Nargis Pakistani mujra gallery

Nargis is the present 'Queen of the Punjab' in Mujra Flow and Movies landscape on the Lahore part of Pakistan. Nargis has a type of non-urban appeal and city overall look, the vibrant outfits are a mix of Punjabi 'bling' and Pathan Tummy Flow.

       Apart from Movies and Mujra DVDs, Nargis functions in Punjabi Level Reveals which she has been 'banned from the cinema for disparaging community decency by deviating from the program in vulgar conditions and actions'[!] - revealed in the magazines regularly. Nargis was revealed in the documents as once responding, "I have buddies in excellent locations - I'll be returning in the cinema tomorrow"...and seemingly she was... There is rumours that ballet dancers such as Nargis are highly effective females as they dancing for the top level and excellent community and can produce favors from such 'friends in excellent places' and impact them... Maybe this is just news...maybe not...

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