Britney Spears

Well it looks like it's only performing emotions that are all set to control the debate market.

Queen of pop Britney can also be the best option for Bigg Boss as Britney too has a large lot of debate arrows in her collection, such as wedding by eloping with child years bud Jerri Alexander or experiencing the hassle of Peat for using a python and competition during a stay display.

So most probably choosing Britney for BB Season-6 may present a novel design of disputes in India's truth display group.

 Lindsey Lohan

Till a few in previous times LiLo was one of the most desired females for large numbers and an incredible number of men all across the planet, but after that her participation in actions like generating the car consumed, some time medication ownership and even her participation in dirty robberies made this much desired woman reduce her appeal among her lovers.

But the lighter part of the tale indicates that despite having a dirty previous Lilo can be good competitor to make it to Big Manager's home.

 London Hilton

Another Artist queen who is still one of the most loved woman for her lovers and who satisfies all the qualifying measures required to get into the entrance of Bigg Boss is magnificent London Hilton.

Somewhere around 10 years ago a published sex record and her medication ownership case encouraged the good chance of this ensuring damsel into the night of disputes.

Despite being through so much, London still has adequate pizzazz and questionable luggage to make it to native Indian truth show Bigg Boss.

Controversial celebrities seemingly add to fascination quotient of truth reveals and now it looks like having a questionable firing face in every season has become an inseparable TRP enhancing custom of Bigg Boss.

After going talk among the public in past conditions with celebrities like Pamela Anderson, porn star Warm Leone now creators of the display seems stop eager to line in United states TV truth celebrity Kim Kardashian.

So by time creators come out with some thought in this respect, let's have a look at a few more questionable celebrities whom Big Manager's creators should strategy to add on the liven to the display.

 Kim Kardashian

Since her introduction in the focus market this magnificent United States TV reality celebrity, celebrity and style has well won in keeping her news alarms buzzing.

Be it her 72 days long marriage followed by a separation and divorce, or sex record debate or the very recent one where she showed her outrage for Native Indian delicacies, Kim always handle to keep her news cog moving by her revered questionable skills.


Diva who has a very regular tryst with disputes is performing feeling Bayonne.

Recently Bayonne scorched the news market by her nude photos from Lovely Hawaii and even confronted the anger of her lovers when she was seen reducing a white-colored material at Coachella songs event which was alleged to be a medication.

So with such a strong mind-set Bayonne can appear as on the most desired participants for Bigg Boss home.

Woman Gaga

Another performing damsel who always areas up in the net of disputes is none other than level scorcher Woman Crazy.

Lady Gaga's pet of disputes is limitless but one of the greatest one that she has is from MTV Movie Songs Prizes where she dressed in Franc Fernandez-designed clothing including the skin of deceased creatures.

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