Veena Malik
Often in the media spotlight for the first time that Veena Malik has been chosen for a film role. Usually the movies or the item number one - half the scenes look at the Veena Malik will be the item number in the film, but the story revolving around him.

Veena with the news that the film producer Deepak Bali last days of his new film "black lentils" The first photo shoot in a studio in Mumbai. The media were invited to the occasion. Veena now in front of the media do not differ, it is not possible. Veena hands feel the movie's first photo shoot for the cache from the lamp manufacturer to be certain they want me to designed costume. Now the manufacturer that he dare to ignore the film they want me to do this hot actress.

Veena the film before the photo shoot for two different - different types have been produced very sexy costume. Veena in the same costume individually to pose. Being on the floor shooting next month "black lentils" In the Veena Malik, Jackie Shroff, Raja Chaudhary, Shakti Kapoor and Bobby Darling are in role.

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