RGV's Over Advertising Nathalia Miffed Anjana
It looks like Nathalia is the only USP of cine film Office on which Ramu is enjoying a most important bet.

Recently this over captivation of Ramu for Nathalia miffed celebrity Anjana Sukhani the women cause of the film, who charged RGV of over-promoting Nathalia.
 RGV is Not Neither My Tutor, Nor Godfather
By her latest amazing declaration on RGV, that neither he is a mentor nor a godfather for her, Nathy departed cine crazy damaging their leads.

Since her introduction in the tinsel city Ramu is bestowing all the offerings on this magnificent bombshell and is regularly seen chanting the Nathy-mantra, then how come he is not her mentor or godfather. Any guesses.
 Product music are Creative Not Vulgar
Under the patronage of RGV another expertise that Nathalia seems to have perfected is protecting and suggesting your position on the problem associated with yourself.

Recently in an appointment Nathy estimated that products music are also a mean of presenting your ability. Hence they should not be classified as vulgar or indecent, rather they should be regarded as a item of artistry and appearance.

Is censor panel listening?
 GQ Photoshoot
By seductively appearing in a hot translucent underwear for one of the pictures and displaying her pizazz in barely-there knickers in other for GQ journal, Nathalia proven that it is next to difficult for the cine lovers to evaluate the level of her hotness.

It looks like RGV's newest muse Nathalia has found the skills of keeping her information cog going.

Recently, Nathy did a fulfilling photoshoot for GQ publication and even fetched a fantastic concentrate for modifying the ideas about the item songs.

So let's have a look some of the newest buzzes associated with this amazing king, which fetched her a pile of fan-attention.

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