Sardar and Chinese
Sardar visits Chinese friend dying in hospital.
The Chinese friend just says "CHIN YU YAN" and dies.
Sardarji goes to China to find the meaning of his friend's last Words. And finds It means "U R STANDNG ON the OXYGEN TUBE!"

India and USA
Democratic difference between India and USA:

"In USA you can kiss at public places but cannot piss"
In India you can piss at public places but cannot kiss"

A Teachar asked the students of a class that, what is the meaning of dev & devi?
A Student Replied: Kapil Dev & Sri Devi

Once an ant and elephant were going on a new scooter.They met with an accidant.The elephant was died but ant was alive. Why?
Because ant was wearing a helmate.

How does an elephant go on holiday?
He takes a jumbo jet!

Q:Which gate can we eat?

Once there was an elephant walking on the edge of a valley,full of water.The elephant fell into the water.So,what is the first thing he will do?
Ans- Get wet!!

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