Veena Malik amazed at the fashion ramp of Jaipur International Fashion Week in Jaipur, India; for the Indian fashion designer Riyaz Gangji. She did the catwalk wearing a gleaming black gown designed by Gangji and was looking stunning during the show.

Veena Malik was the showstopper for Riyaz Gangji at Jaipur International Fashion Week and loved the entire dress collection by him.

Veena Malik Poses Nude But Condemns Cricket Gambling

Controversial Pakistani Actress and Model Veena Malik posed nude for FHM India but thinks that gambling on the game of cricket is immoral. So it is okay according to Malik to take off one’s clothing for money but not okay to enjoy a friendly and fun wager on the traditional game? Has Ms. Malik lost her last brain cell?

Veena’s press release goes as follows: Most Controversial Pakistani Actor and Model Veena Malik have come forward to break her silence on cricket betting. Veena showed her expertise in the Cricket game and said:

“Cricket is the most favourite game among people but again some people make Cricket a platform of business which is unusual.”

Veena is now currently in Delhi hosting an Asia Cup special segment on India TV Hindi news channel. Meanwhile, now the match-fixing scandal is again in news and the lady has spoken about it!

She said: “Whoever fined Guilty in Match Fixing from any country player like south Africa, Australia, India, and Pakistan he/she should be punished by court. Veena Highlighted the issue about India- Pakistan Semi-final said that I don`t think that such a high profile match like “pak India semi-final could be fixed…I hope and pray that all these allegations are fake.”

According to Veena Cricket is a Game it should be played like a game. It’s represent the nation, one should respect the dignity of the nation and take the responsibility to be faithful toward game. Cricket is a game which is unpredictable as no one can guess the winner till the last strike. We should take an initiative to stop match fixing for better game.
After her recent item number 'Channo', controversy queen Veena Malik continues her Bollywood stint. She recently walked the runway during the Jaipur International Fashion Week in India for Indian fashion designer Riyaz Gangji. She looked flawless walking the ramp in a sparkling black gown designed by Riyaz Gangji. Malik was the show stopper for Gangji and loved the designer's collection. She also showed up at designer James Ferreira fashion show held during a derby event. Pereira showcased a collection of beautiful garments in bright colours; designer gowns made in satin and knit and woven fabric, that gave the guests a glimpse of the upcoming trends of the season. Malik was present as a judge at the event and found it hard to choose the winner.

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