LOVE POSSIBLE is a story of a set of two friends: two boys and two girls. The girls are from out of town, and share a flat, while the boys are childhood friends who live in Mumbai. One (Karan Mehra) is a rich boy whose parents have left him a thriving business, while his friend (Raj Singh Arora) is sponging him dry of his wealth.

Karan is still a kid who refuses to grow up. His office is more like a college campus and Raj Singh is making sure that Karan continues in the same vein for his own selfish interests. Shrishti Sharma is sharing an apartment with Anisha Verma. Anisha is the seasoned pro who knows how to make her boss eat out of her hands. She trains Shristhi to be a 'smart secretary' who will eventually marry her boss. Shristhi lands up a job in Karan's company and quickly she sets things right for Karan; first by letting him know how his friend is duping him and then by slowly getting him interested in the day-to-day proceedings. He falls in love with her. But is this a game for Shristhi, or is she also in love with him?

The plot is wafer thin and full of gigantic holes. The acting at times leaves you wondering how someone could come out with a script like this. At best, this could have been a half hour flick. There was no need to stretch it to over two hours. Some scenes between the two girls leave you flabbergasted. There's no acting and no emoting!

The only possible plus is for the two boys who show glimpses of some talent.

Rating : 1/5
Love Possible Movie Review

Director : J H Nakra
Music : Afsar, Sajid
Lyrics : Atik Allahabadi
Starring : Karan Mehra, Raj Singh Arora, Anuradha, Srishti Sharma, Anisha Verma

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