Worshippers covered in coloured powders sing hymns and prayers
 Wearing all the colours
 A woman is sparyed with coloured water as she makes her way to the Nadgaram temple
 Women wait with wooden sticks in Nandgaon
 Worshippers from Barsana are sprayed with coloured water by men from Nandgaon
 Men drenched in coloured water and coats of paint sing a hymn at a temple
 Worshippers covered in powder thrown on them as they pray at the Radha Rani temple in Barsana

Gopis, men from Nandgaon, about to be hit with a stick by a Barsana woman during Lathmar Holi

A man daubed in 'gulal', the ritual red colour powder, slides in celebration
 On Holi, people greet each other with customary splash of colour, often spraying or pouring bucket full of coloured water - and the greetings are returned with equal gusto!
 Worshippers pray and chant amid a cloud of coloured powder and water

A man covered in 'gulal', coloured powder in Barsana, Mathura

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