Doubleback - Twice The Van
The first true innovation in the market since the advent of the elevating roof over thirty years ago. To check out the interior, have a look at BikeRadar's YouTube video!
We've designed the van to be incredibly practical. When the Pod is retracted and the rear seats are folded away you retain a vast amount of carrying capacity - at least 75% of a standard load carrying Transporter. We've carried sofas in the back of a DoubleBack!
For some interior shots and a demo by the company founder, have a look at the BikeRadar Doubleback video here on YouTube

Based on the VW Transporter T5, DoubleBack VW is a customized camping van with the extendable passenger compartment that doubles the space within the vehicle. DoubleBacks are produced in Wales. Unfortunately, not only the size, but the price of the van is also doubled compared to the standard VW Transporter.

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