It has been over a month since the ultra controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss' ended, but the after-effects are still very much in the air. Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal is interested in washing dirty linen in public. In an interview to a leading daily, he has accused Salman Khan of attacking him in the show.

'Bigg Boss' is known to have its fair share of infamies, and season 5 did not let us down in any context at all. The show which was hosted by Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt and had a host of lesser known stars inside the house refuses to die down in news even after having ended. In a recent interview, Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal has reportedly stated that Salman was totally against him throughout his stint at the house. He further said that he was shocked when Salman attacked him personally, attempted to demoralise him and put him in a bad light when he had come inside the Bigg Boss house.

Sky further added that he was glad that he remained respectful and maintained his dignity. He also said that a lot of other people who followed the show also felt that he was being picked on unnecessarily by Salman and other contestants. Well, we will only wait and watch whatSallu Bhai has to say about that!

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