iva Poonam Pandey is having fun and cracking jokes about the two ministers who were caught watching porn in Karnataka assembly and have now resigned.

"2 ministers caught watching porn in assembly were confused souls. They heard 'Get ready for erections' instead of 'elections'. #HEHEHEH" Poonam joked on her twitter page.

"The Karnataka ministers at the assembly were actually celebrating the commencement of Valentine's Week #porngate #heheheheh," she added.

Poonam was not the only one to take a dig at the ministers. Ram Gopal Varma and Chetan Bhagat had their own take at the porngate.

Chetan Bhagat retweeted some of the interesting excuses the ministers could have offered in porngate.

"Let's give the poor ministers some #PorngateExcuses. Will RT the best. "I was just checking download speeds on the 3G network."," Bhagat tweeted.

"Its my son's phone. I am just checking out how naughty he has been these days. #PorngateExcuses," Bhagat retweeted another one.

Ram Gopal Varma too jumped in the fray: "Ministers watching porn in the assembly is a sure sign of an emerging and shining india..jai ho"

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