A timely & topical comedy!

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Mugdha Godse, Satish Kaushik, Annu Kapoor, Veena Malik
Director: Rumy Jafry

Critic's I-view

The only movie release this Friday (Feb 3) is 'Gali Gali Chor Hai'. This is indeed timely, topical and great inasmuch as the country has been suffering from this menace for long , and only a day before the country's highest court cancelled 122 telecom licenses because they were granted illegally incurring the exchequer a colossus loss (Rs 1,76 lakh crore) through improper distribution of the nation's airwave spectrum. The entire society feels the pinch and wants it to be curbed. Apart from this, the country witnessed the most popular and the biggest ever-nationwide agitation against corruption only last year ( 2011) under a Gandhian named Anna Hazare. Incidentally, Anna Hazare watched a special screening of the movie.

Dr Suhani is played by Sayali Bhagat, and Vijay Singh by Shiny Ahuja. Sayali does look like a horror film's heroine but God knows why she is always close to be supernatural. Shiny Ahuja acts a hero initially but later joins the bandwagon. Sayali Bhagat is a doctor on duty at a hospital where heart-breaking murders take place at 3 am, and in Room No 3! Strangely, the murderer rips out the heart of the victims and leaves behind mutilated dead bodies. Enter Shiney Ahuja to investigate the matter. He fails to discover the mystery; authorities ask him as to why he still persists and if he has personal interest in it.
Movie's director Rumy Jafry deserves our special applaud though he is well known for his blockbusters, such as, 'Golmaal Returns', 'Bade Miyan Chhote Miyan', 'Hero No 1' and many others. 'Gali Gali Chor Hai' is significant as its protagonist is a commoner (aam admi) like any of us. According to the movie's story , Bharat played by actor Akshaye Khanna works as a bank cashier in Bhopal. The police harasses him when he refuses a local politician to share a room for election office. Moreover, he has to bribe the police to get back a table fan that was allegedly stolen from his house years ago! Bharat's father played by Satish Kaushik wants his son to play Ram's role in a local Ramleela but the MLA's brother spares Hanuman's role for him. Thus, Bharat becomes a victim of the nexus between the police and the scheming politico.

Bharat is married to a schoolteacher named Nisha played by Shriya Saran. She finds to her utter dismay that her husband is having an affair with their paying guest played by Mugdha Godse . So, Shriya leaves home and swears never to return! The movie's script ,its dialogues and also performances by the cast are good. Akshaye Khanna fits in the role though he comes back to Bollywood after a long pause. Akashaye says he is very choosy about his roles. Satish Kaushik playing as father and Anu Kapoor as a cop act superb as usual. However, most of the other characters have very limited roles to play. Shriya Saran plays her character very well and so also, Mugdha though both have small roles. Similarly, the MLA as well as his brother hardly have much to do. In spite of all this, the dialogues, such as, "Aap chori kyon karte hain" and its apt reply "Aap naukri kyon karte hain?" Besides Bharat's 'Yeh system ke gaal pe tamacha hai' are indeed shrewd and entertaining. The music provided by Anu Malik is good. The other highlights of the movie are Kailash Kher's song on corruption and Veena Malik's item track ( Mehngi hui hai angraee, jab se Chhanno hai khirki pe aayee). This is to recall that Kailash has sung the song with his heart in it. After all, he is a social activist involved with the anti-corruption agitation of Anna Hazare.
As a whole, the movie is worth a watch, especially when the matter is catching headlines.

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