Know the vastu tips to make your better future from Vastu expert Dr. Smita Jain Narang (Ph.D in Vaastu shastra)

While construction a bedroom, following things should be kept in mind

Northeast - representing Ishwar grants us wisdom, divinity and relieves us from sufferings. Bedrooms in this section should be avoided.
Southeast - representing Agni, the God of fire grants energy vigor and beautiful personality. Children rooms and rooms specifically for any one should be avoided as it leads to anger, stress.
Southwest - representing Niruti (demon) grants purity, cleanliness and eradicates fear of enemies. This is direction in which the room of head of the house should be located.
Northwest - representing Vayu, the God of wind and the basis of life grants health, strength and long-life. This direction is suitable for girls of marriagable and guests
Head should be in the South While sleeping. Children should preferably have head in the East direction while sleeping to increase positive energy.
Beams should not be above the position of bed since they enhance negative energy.
Looking mirror should be positioned such that they are not at the foot of bed or on opposite side of the entry door.

In order to bring in prosperity to cash and valuables it should be stored in South-west corner.
Prayer Room

North-East is considered to be auspicious for prayer rooms with face of the idol towards North or East. Depending on reason of worship the direction of devotee can change e.g. in order to  gain knowledge, devotee should worship by keeping his face towards the North and sit near the northern wall .In case economic gain is the focus one should pray by keeping one's face towards East and sit in the Eastern side.
Water Bodies

Water is also a key element in vastu. Water bodies like Overhead tanks should be placed preferable in North-West. Wells as wel as underground tanks etc should be placed in North-East corner the corner of god to bring in prosperity and wealth.

South-East represents Agni, the God of fire grants energy vigor and beautiful personality should be direction of kitchen. Since housewives spend their times in kitchen they should work facing east to avoid health hazards.
Living Area

Drawing room or Living area should be in North-East, North-West, South or West direction. Furniture should be placed in South and West directions preferably

Should be placed so that they are not visible to the guests all direction except North-East can be used. Preferably it should be in south or west direction.
Important Tips

Blocking of the Northeast (Ishan) restricts the inflow of the blessing of God. It leads to tension, quarrel and insufficient growth of the inhabitants; especially children of the owner.
More open space in north or east gives name, fame and prosperity.
Leaving more space on the south-west side in the house can affect the male members badly.
Trees which give milk when cut should not be there near main gate or inside the plot.
In between two big plots or big houses a smaller house or plot should not be purchased or occupied because such buyer or occupier will become poorer day by day.
There should not be any obstruction in front of the entrance or house of the plot.
Elevated land at north will reduce the monetary flow.
Elevated land at east will give unhappiness from children.
Elevated land at west will enjoy good progeny and comforts from children.
Elevated land at south is always healthy wealthy and prosperous.
Elevation at North east (Ishan) will drain the wealth and loss of health.
Elevation at southeast if more than Northwest but less than Southwest then it is good. Financial position will improve.
Elevation at Southwest is always good as it gives all round prosperity.
If elevation at Northwest direction is higher than northeast but lower than Southwest then life will be good.
Ratio between the length and breadth of the building should normally be 1: 1 or at the maximum 1: 2 but should never exceed the limit of 1: 2 under any circumstances.

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