A contract killer accompanied by a bar dancer goes on the run from his employer and gangsters. Arjun is a contract killer, and works for a male who accepts assignments via the Internet and treats him like a brother. After completing an assignment, he is rewarded by getting to spend a night with bar dancer Naina, and they both fall in love with each other - much to the chagrin of the bar owner, Shera. Both continue to meet and decide to re-locate elsewhere but Arjun's employer does not approve, and wants him to continue executing people. Their lives get even more complicated after Arjun inadvertently kills two of Shera's men, and the duo go on the run - not only from an enraged Shera and his men, but also from Arjun's employer and his team of expert killers.

Indian Cinema
Mystery & Suspense


Mumait Khan
Naina Dhalliwal
Farid Amiri
Gunjun Baxi
Shibani Kashyap
Bappi Lahiri
Mika Singh

Directed by:

Vinod Mukhi

Produced by:

Sunrise Productions & Entertainment's

Written by:

Sunil Bohra


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