The Bigg Boss Season 5 has run into 'n' number of controversies. The eliminated contestants are not being treated in the right manner. According to reports, Pooja Bedi has been asked to be away from the finale. Rumours suggest that the channel has taken this step because she spoke against the show, the host and its contestants.

channel, at the last minute cancelled her performances and black listed her without giving any explanation. This behaviour of the channel has not gone well with the ex contestants. And, in order to fight against this, Pooja Bedi is planning to file a case against the channel and the production house.

Pooja Bedi - Photoshoot video

 When we at contacted Pooja, she confirmed the news. A disheartened Pooja says, "Yes I am thinking of filing a legal case against the channel. It is clearly mentioned in my contract that I have to be a part of the finale, but at the last minute, four days back the channel cancelled my performance and told me to stay out of the show.

Pooja further adds, "This is a very disgraceful behaviour and they haven’t given me a proper reason as to why I cannot be a part of the final. They are not respecting me and my contract. They owe an explanation to me and need to tell me why they took this step.

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