Veena Malik, who has been making headlines over the last few months, is now all set to star in a 3D horror film, Mumbai 125 KM. It’s being directed by Hemant Madhukar who has to his credit last year’s superhit Telugu movie, Vastadu Naa Raju. The film is expected this May.

akistani actress Veena Malik is busy shooting a 3D horror movie in a jungle in southern India.

Though the destination is being kept a secret for security reasons, Veena says she is having a lot of fun and adventure shooting the film.

Disclosing a few details about the project, Veena said: "It's a 3D horror film with Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar, and it's really hard to shoot."
"For one, we are shooting in the wilderness. There are no luxury hotels, no daily comforts. Then it's a 3D film, not like the other 3D films in Hindi where the 2D format is converted into 3D. We are shooting in 3D which means every shot takes hours sometimes. It's really time consuming because I am playing both the 'thriller' and 'horror' element of the film," she added.

Veena performs all her stunts on her own in the film.

"(There's) lots of wirework and flips and somersaults and bruises and cuts. I am roughing it out here in the jungles and enjoying every bit of it!" she added.

Veena, who became a known name in India after her stint in the fourth season of reality show "Bigg Boss", is happy she is shooting for an actual 3D film.

Perhaps not aware of Vikram Bhatt's stereoscopic 3D film " Haunted", Veena said: "This is the first Hindi film to be actually shot in the 3D format. Otherwise films like 'RA.One' were shot in 2D and transferred to the 3D format."

The actress is also set to have her 'swayamvar' on India's national television, through Imagine TV, which has earlier hosted 'swayamvars' of Rakhi Sawant, Rahul Mahajan and Ratan Rajput.

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