Antra Biswas or Monalisa Hot Kissing Scene From London Calling Movie

Producer and Director: B Subhaas
Story, Screenplay and Dialogue: B Subhaas
Music: Sawan Kumar Sawan
Lyrics: B.Subhaas & Meenu Singh
Starring: Bobby Khan, Monalisa, Nawab Sha, Amit Pachori, Shashi Kiran, Anil Nagrath, Ali Khan, Kamaal Malik, Zafar Abbas, Dhanu-Suggu, Solanki, Sheikh Shafiq Mohamad, Lathur, Anita, Ruchi Resham, Ramesh Pandey and Milind Gunaji

Our story begins with Suraj, an architect living in New York. Although he is leading a successful life but something constantly draws Suraj back to his past His Dreams- strange scenes- a stone body of a beautiful lady- sculptures- palaces- a man bowing on the feet of a beautiful woman covered with ornaments & finally a blow, hard on ones head to bring him back to consciousness Suraj is apprehensive about these occurrences As destiny plays takes it own coarse Suraj is invited by Kabir to build a hotel in London. Suraj, thinking it to be a great opportunity, agrees & comes to London not knowing the unknown

Kabir is a rich, arrogant & handsome man in his early thirties who believes that money can buy anything in this world, even love. For him there is hardly any discrimination between love & lust & he feels that every man should fulfill his bodily desires & material desires - anyway either wrong or right Women mostly get attracted to him because of his personality & money. He is the only heir to his estate, but he lost his heart to Sonia, so he acquired her & married her

But Sonia always felt that her heart sometimes wants to be somewhere for no reason, but only because it wants to be. Suraj reaches London, & meets Kabir. They discuss the plans of the hotel & finally Kabir invites Suraj to his house for a party. Sonia comes out of the pool. She goes in her room & is looking out of the window & feels that today's day is not the same. Suraj enters the party & is introduced by Kabir to his other friends.

As Sonia walks down the stairs Suraj is shocked that she is the same girl who he saw in his dreams & visions. Suraj is stunned to see her. Now it is his destiny which has bought them back together Suraj gets closer to Sonia & finally they fall in love At the construction sight Suraj discovers the hidden caves buried under the grounds & he was sure that he & Sonia are re-incarnation of Chandra & Urvashi He reveals the truth to Sonia who also accepts the fact & now wishes to stay with her long lost love But if they were re-incarnated so was Kabir. Kabir is the re-incarnation of Rajvansh & in the end kills them both in the similar manner

Thus London Calling is a film based on the philosophy of all times. The beliefs that the events & the objects may be unreal, but sometimes thoughts can become reality

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