how to remove facebook video update virus ???
ok've seen you go into a video? Facebook Virus 11/12/2011

Advertising and Marketing for the Status dic.11, 2011

Hi all @ s we considered that the blog will be the best place to be able to explain that you have suffered from this attack and solve the issue as
quickly as possible.

First, if you clicked on the video, you will get a kind of blog, which fails to load and query browser, asking whether to install a Youtube extension, this extension is not made by YouTube, this extension is the application itself starts sending the video course to all your contacts, until the desístales or disable. If you installed the steps to correct the problem and return to normal are:

Close your session active on Facebook. (This prevents the continued implementation of publications on the walls of your contacts in your name).

Desístala complement or extension called Extension 1.4.0 Youtube edited by YOU. (If you're browsing with Mozilla, click on Add / extensions / youtube and click remove. It would be advisable to restart the computer.

Log back on Facebook. Report to your wall is a virus, spam or malicious content that no one sees it. We recommend that you remove all the publications that the application generated by clicking "Delete Publication".

If you have questions, or we get more information, we are delighted to be of service, our Director of Marketing, has suffered this afternoon about 19:40 h. From here we apologize to those whom they have been able to get this content, which has already been removed.

PS: Never hurts to change Facebook password, so you can spend, it is always recommended.

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