1. If Times Now Editor Arnab Goswami were to marry Dolly Bindra, their child would be the most advanced sound system the universe will ever see.

2. Dolly Bindra is so loud she maybe renamed as DOLBY Bindra with 5.1 channel surround sound.

3. If Dolly Bindra chairs a Lok Sabha session, would she be called Speaker or Loudspeaker?

4. Come on! Abhinav Bindra would have shot Dolly long while back if they were related.

Do u have a Dolly Bindra joke of ur own? Pls do share.

A New one courtsey Ching's Fan Nisha Sahadev- What do Dolly Bindra's dogs say when she gets back home??ans-phew..chal yaar shift poora hua


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