eena Malik (Big Boss 4) hot sms jokes and photos collection: Jeet chukey hum her jang Ab yeah bazi bhi hamari hai : : Bohat Zalil ho chuka Faraz Pathan Sardar or Zubaida Appa Ab Veena Malik Tairy baari hai
Veena Malik Najoomi Se: Kya Mere Haath Main Doulat Ki Lakeer Hai?

Najoomi: Aap Kay Haath Main To Nahe Aap Ki Shalwar Main Hai.

ISLAMABAD: If you are a cell phone user in Pakistan then you might have received the following sms.

“Jeet chuke Hum her jang, Ab ye Bazi be hamari hai, Bohat Mazak ker lia Fraz, Pathan, Sardar aur Aapa ka, Ab “Veena Malik” teri bari hey, coming soon”.

This coming soon time has now been ended and more vulgar than funny messages against Pakistani actress Veena Malik are now in market.

It is not appropriate to share all those messages because of the unlimited vulgar words used by the writers but still i managed to get one message which is quite shareable.
It says “if everything is legal in love and war then why does the child that born after being loved is called illegal child”.

Veena Malik becomes the target of all these SMS writers on his bold acts in Indian reality show Big Boss 4. Majority of Pakistanis accused her for degrading the image of Pakistani women and disrespecting her religion through acting irresponsibly inside India upon public tv.

Pakistani and Indian TV channels also labelled Veena as “Rakhi Sawant of Pakistan”.

To take revenge from Veena’s act, some unknown SMS writers start spreading messages (more vulgar than funny) which now have received almost every cell user of Pakistan.

On the other hand Veena’s spokesperson in an interview said that whatever Veena did was her own action and she was not representing Pakistan in Indian show.

Now the debate that whether Veena did the right thing or wrong, will take time whereas today’s fact is that SMS campaign against Veena came out and we all know once it has started then no one can stop this from spreading

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