“ If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I believe in encouraging young women and men to see the possibilities within themselves and have the confidence and persistence to reach for their goals."

Pageant Coaching helps you excel in pageants and walk through the various competitive rounds with élan and ease. Ritika Ramtri Kumar, has been in the pageant coaching business for more than ten years .Her forte is helping pageant aspirants with their pageant interview skills, on-stage questions, bio sheets, overall appearance and total imaging. She assists clients in everything from choosing the right pageant system, applications and paperwork, photos and wardrobe to interview techniques, public speaking skills, self-confidence and on-stage presence. The focus is on enhancing your strengths and overcoming your weak points.

Pageants today are different from 10 to 20 years ago. It is substantial to work with someone that is current and has been behind the scenes. The reality is, in most pageants – the preliminary interview now counts more than any other portion of pageant competition. It's the FIRST TIME the judges see you, and the time when judges make their choice about who to watch later on the competition stage. It's also the portion of the pageant that most people feel the most nervous about - with good reason.
In terms of percentage breakdown, the interview is sometimes worth twice as much as evening gown - but you wouldn't hesitate to spend hundreds, of rupees on a gown! When it comes to interview however, most people go into it with little or no preparation. That's a high-risk strategy that almost guarantees a loss. You owe it to yourself to go into the interview portion (that which has equal and often more weight with the judges) with the same kind of effort, outstanding presentation and excellence that you spend on your gown.

A pageant coach can help any contestant project a winning attitude and feel more prepared and confident, particularly in the interview portion of competition. Usually a pageant coach provides everything from headshots and image consultation to assistance with fitness, swimsuit, talent, evening gown selections, and 'optional' competitions. Pageant training typically begins six to eight weeks in advance of the pageant unless special circumstances exist.
Competition Wardrobe Selection
You don't have to spend a million dollars to look like a million dollars. Keep it simple, yet fashionable. Remember you make the clothes, the clothes does not make you! The woman makes the dress…not the other way around! Learn what you need to know to choose the right wardrobe for you for all phases of competition and the appropriate look for your pageant. I will teach you how to highlight all your greatest assets and minimize anything you don't want noticed.
Hair & Make-Up Hair should always be kept clean and neat with a good balance of color. Make-up should be very simple during the pageant activities. Full make-up should be applied when you are on stage competing. Foundation and powder must match your complexion. Colors are very important. Just because it's in for the season, doesn't mean it's in for you! Part of developing your confidence is feeling you have "the look." Irmala Sutterwala a renowned makeup artist and beauty professional will help you select the right Hair and Make-Up styles for the pageant system in which you are competing - styles that suit your personality and accentuate your natural beauty.

The judge's will see your headshot before they see you. Your headshot should reflect you. The judge's should be able to recognize you from your headshot the minute they see you!
Interview Preparation
Relax, enjoy and be yourself! Your personality must come across clearly. You should never be to stiff or formal. The Interview is hands-down the most important phase of competition in the vast majority of pageants. Even if the Interview does not comprise the majority of your final score, the impression you make in the Interview will carry through and affect your score in all other phases of competition. Whether your interview is a 12-minute session with a panel of judges, or 2-minute one-on-one interviews with 6 separate judges, I will teach you the skills to control the interview and leave the judges wanting more.
Mental Conditioning

To be successful at any pageant, you must have the right attitude. You must be able to remain calm in a stressful situation. The keyword is you! The key to appearing confident, knowledgeable and in-control is being mentally prepared for each phase of competition. I will teach you to harness the excitement and nerves that accompany pageant competition and place that energy into preparing for any question or situation. You cannot predict what the judges will ask, but you CAN learn to think on your feet and control the focus of the interview.
Aside from a headshot, your paperwork is the first point of contact the judges have with you. Before you actually meet, the judges see a sheet of paper that represents YOU. This paperwork will help the judges form questions to ask you in the interview, but more importantly, they will form an impression of your accomplishments, goals and level of preparedness to hold the title. Your paperwork must shine! I offer a complete Application Consultation and an Application Suggestions session to make your application stand out above the rest.
It's important to understand that the pageant talent competition is judged very differently than a dance, vocal or other specialized competition. I have experience advising dancers, singers, instrumentalists, actresses and everything in between to perfect their talent for pageant competition.
Modeling and Stage PresenceWe will teach you all the tricks of the trade when it comes to modeling and stage presence. We will view past performances and then personally take you step by step through correct modeling technique. You will learn to radiate style, grace and elegance while on stage.

Here are some of the pageant preparation services available:
· Pageant application and personal information sheet review- creation, styling, editing, and proofreading
· Image consultation- what to wear and how to look for interview, evening gown, fitness/swimsuit and talent
· Poise and appearance training - walking, standing, sitting, turning, entering and exiting on stage and off
· Make-up application - what colors to wear, how to apply them and when to wear them (With a Professional makeup Artist)
· Comprehensive interview training which focuses on both content and execution
· Over 1000 sample interview questions- introspective personal questions and up to date current event and political questions
· Using the microphone effectively for on stage speaking, speech, and talent programs
· Public speaking training before judges' panels, small groups and large audiences · Both Group and one-on-one sessions

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