Nihita Biswas become very popular today.Who is Nihita Biswas?Maybe you don’t know her yesterday.But Nihita Biswas is well known throughout the world today.

Nihita Biswas is a 20-year-old beauty of Kathmandu,Nepal. She has just completed school and has an idea of pursuing a career in political journalism.Nihita Biswas is Charles Sobhraj’s new love,now they engaged.

The 64-year-old Charles Sobhraj who is called the “Bikini Killer” and “Serpent” by the tabloid press.he allegedly committed at least 12 murders and was jailed in India from 1976 to 1997,is a serial killer.Now he is serving his prison sentence in Kathmandu jail for four years ago his guilty of the murder of Connie Jo Bronzich.

Maybe they have the similar family background. Nihita Biswas’ parent is a Bengali from Kolkata and a successful Nepali career woman.Charles Sobhraj is the son of a Sindhi tailor and a Vietnamese woman.

Nihita Biswas and Charles Sobhraj met three months ago in Kathmandu jail.They fell in love at the first sight for both.It sounds romantic,isn’t it?

Some rumors said Charles Sobhraj commited bigamy.”Sobhraj is already married to Chantal, who lives in France,” Nepali daily Himalayan Times said. “He also has a wife in Australia.”

Nihita Biswas is rebutting the charge of bigamy, she said it’s absolutely false and defamatory. Charles Sobhraj is single now, all his wifes had been divorced from him long long ago.
Nihita Biswas’ mother strongly support their engagement, she thinks Sobhraj is no guilty and her daughter is free to decide whom to marry.

Now Nihita Biswas and Sobhraj have exchanged rings and become engaged. He is confident that his appeal against the “guilty” verdict will be overturned by Nepal’s SC and he will be released this year.

Nihita Biswas is Charles Sobhraj’s fiancée now,what will happen then?is it true love

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