veena Malik is one of the hottest stars of Pakistan. She is a great actress and a super model and is a famous name in Pakistan due to her bold personality and flawless charisma.

Over the past one decade, she has survived many scandals and undignifying accusations but still remains one of the most popular celebrities of Pakistan.

Veena Malik ka swayamvar?
Yes, you read it right. If sources are to be believed, the channel that is currently airing "Swayamvar – Ratan Ka Rishta", has approached the Pakistani star for their next season.

"The channel is repenting by taking a non-controversial celebrity like Ratan Rajput this time for their show. The low TRPs prove that viewers have are not interested in Ratan's swayamvar," informs a source.

"The channel has now approached controversy queen Veena Mallik for the next season of the show and she has even agreed to give the offer some thought. The talks have started and Veena is quite keen on getting married this year. Whether or not she will be a part of next "Swayamvar" is yet to be decided, but she is the first choice for us," the source continues, adding, "Even mentioning Veena Malik as being interested in participating in the next season of "Swayamvar" will ensure inquisitiveness among the viewers."
Talking about what went wrong with Ratan's swayamvar, the source says, "Ratan selected the boys for her marriage herself. But soon after the show came on air and when people around her expressed their displeasure at her selection, she started stating in her interviews that it was the channel who selected the boys for her. Also, from the first day she seemed quite disinterested in interacting with the boys. The enthusiasm about getting married that Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan had, is missing in Ratan."

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