Mobile Spy uses
Catch a Cheating Spouse or Monitor your children’s activities
You can use the mobile spy software to monitor your spouse, children or any other family member’s activity. You can find out to whom they are talking, where they are going and what text messages are being sent/received by them. This software will be a life saver and it will prevent people going in the wrong ways. 

Enforce Employee Cell Phone Policy
Mobile Spy allows an employer to use the software to track employee's cell phones. Once the software is installed, an administrator can keep track of call information, GPS locations, text messages and more. This program runs silently on the phones and uploads logs to the owner’s private Mobile Spy account. Through this, you can easily track what your employee does with the mobile phone.
Backup Your Own Phone Activities
Many people use their smart phone to its fullest potential. With the increased usage, comes the need to delete old messages. In the past there was no easy way to backup your call logs or SMS logs. Mobile Spy software can do all of these things without your intervention. It keeps records of important conversations and communications. The recorded activities can be easily reviewed at any time. Review all calls including timestamp and direction, sms messages including text and more. This can prove helpful in any situation where you need to have proof of your actions. It can also be used for billing disputes with your carrier.
Advantages of mobile spy
1. Mobile spy helps you to keep control on the mobile phones that you own. That means that you can monitor the kind of activity that the mobile is used for and take any necessary measures.
2. Mobile phone spy lets the company know if the mobile phone is used for non-official purposes. An employee is expected to use a company mobile to call home when traveling or in an emergency but an employer can track if an employee is constantly making distance calls to an unknown number.
3. This software makes a smart phone give out its location on Google Maps. As you can imagine, this feature is extremely useful for parents or to find a cheating spouse. Not only does it allow a parent to quickly find out if his or her son or daughter is still at school or if he went to the mall, but it can potentially save the child the smart phone is shown to be in a location that he or she never goes to. You can also monitor your spouse’s mobile activity if they seem to be suspicious.

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