The Hot Sexy Babe Pamela Anderson will host a Super Bowl 2011 party entitled SuperBash!Pamela Anderson is getting the party started! On February 4th, she will be taking over the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG) in the heart of downtown Dallas and hosting THE Super Bowl XLV party: SuperBash 2011. Past attendees include Jim Carrey, Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, and John Travolta.General admission is $250 and VIP is $500. Table packages are available from $6,500 to $15,000. If you are feeling especially generous, you can splurge on one of the VIP Suite Packages which is a party within itself! All attendees get access to a premium open bar. Dallas SuperBash 2011 is set to be the biggest celebrity and athlete party for the Super Bowl XLV weekend.This is a strictly party atmosphere where you can mingle with the stars. Playboy Models will be on hand for gawkers as well. We are sure most attendees are hoping for “wardrobe malfunctions”. If the runway show from Pamela’s fashion collaboration with Richie Rich is any indication, you may be able to see much more than expected!Pamela Anderson exploded on the scene on the TV series Baywatch. Since then, we can’t get enough of her. She has maintained her position in the media through acting, modeling, charity work etc.Rocker Van Morrison and Hollywood bombshell Pamela Anderson developed an unlikely friendship when they met during the festive season at the Bath Spa hotel.The two were spotted enjoying walks together and drove the hotel staff crazy with their bizarre demands.Sources say that the notoriously grumpy 65-year-old rocker Van – who is married and has an apartment in the Georgian city – checked into the hotel when the former Baywatch star was staying there.“They walked together a couple of times and seemed to get along rather well but they were checked into different rooms,” a source said.While staying at the hotel, the diva-like demands of the pair caused staff headaches.“All Pamela wanted to eat was asparagus and mushroom Cup-a-Soups,” said one worker.“We didn’t have any in the hotel so my colleagues had to go to the shops for her. She’d eat them in her room.“Van was different. He’d ring down from his room and tell us what he wanted and where from. It was always Italian food and it always had to be from one of the local restaurants. We had to go out in our cars and pick his food up, then take it up to his room,” the worker said.Pamela also indulged in a bizarre beauty routine – taking ice baths. Staff had to carry ice up to her room twice a day.“Pamela drove us mad with her constant demands for ice baths. She told us it stopped her aching and kept her feeling young,” said the staff member.“Van, on the other hand, spent an hour a day in the gym. He didn’t use the personal trainer, he worked out alone,” the source added.

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