Sapna Zarina Sheikh from Four Bungalows says she will not do ‘bit’ scenes in C-grade movies
Name: Sapna Zarina Sheikh

Address: Resident of Four Bungalows

Age: 23

Profession: Has worked in over 70 C-grade films and is quite well-known in this industry.

What do you feel about this new phenomenon of using body doubles in C-grade films to turn them into porn movies?

I do not mind this to a certain extent. Some producers do take us into confidence when using a body double since it is our face that appears in the scenes. Others do not. I do not mind it as long as the 'bits' do not dominate the movie.

If I ever felt my privacy has been violated, I would not resort to taking the matter to court like Manisha Koirala. But I do resolve the issue with producers if I have a problem.

Who are these girls and how much do they charge?

These girls charge Rs 500 to 1,000 per shift.

What are your views about it?

I am not against exposure, but I would not stoop so low as to do ‘bit’ scenes in movies.

However, you have to expose, otherwise your films will not get audiences in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab.

A-grade films where the heroines are completely clad are not popular in these areas.

Do people recognise you?

Though not many people know me in Mumbai, I am quite popular in these states.

Every six months, I am invited to theatres in these areas and lots of people come to see me.

When did you get your first break in the film industry?

I got my first break in a C-grade film at the age of 17.

Where do you hail from?

I am originally from Nashik.

How did you come to Mumbai?

My family wanted me to be in showbiz. So I used to frequent my aunt's place in Mumbai.

I permanently settled down here after I passed my HSC exam in Nashik. Until then I would juggle performing in stage shows with my education.

What are your future plans?

I want to produce a C-grade movie because you can earn about Rs three to four lakhs on a film. But my film will be glamorous instead of just sexy; something on the lines of Jism.

This is how the porn industry operates

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