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Neha Bhabhi

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Cycle and Car...

Santa goes to a bar in London for a couple of drinks. As he is sitting alone and drinking, he notices a sexy woman sitting in a corner, alone and staring at him. At first he tries to ignore her, but the sight of her huge boobs is still rolling in his mind and he looks at her again. Now the woman smiles back at him and Santa gets very excited.

He gulps down a couple of neats and gathering courage goes upto her and says, "Excuse me...I am Santa from India. Can I sit here and buy you a drink?"

The woman agrees and soon both of them are drinking away like good old friends. Then after everything is through Santa and the lady walk out of the bar. But Santa is in a great mood to screw her.

Again gathering courage and slighty drunk, he asks her, "Eschcuse me, can we have sex tonight, please??"

The lady says, "Well I don t mind, but you see I’m on my menstrual cycle"

"No problem" says Santa "you proceed in your menstrual cycle, I will follow you in my Honda Accord !"

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