Short Jokes sms

Wife: Look at that man who has drunk a lot..
Husband: Who is he?
Wife: 10 year ago, he was my boy friend and i denied him for marriage.
Husband: Oh my god, he is still celebrating!!

Short jokes on fat man..
Once a short fat man walking through the road and nearby some naughty guys were playing football..
They lost their football and saw this short fat man. One of the boy shouted "Is that your tummy or you swallowed our football?"

Short jokes between God & Human..
Human: What is a century like to you?
God: It is like s second.
Human: What is billion dollars like to you?
God: Like a penny..
Human: Can i have a penny?
God: Sure, just wait for a second..

Short jokes on serial killer..
Boy: What is meant by serial killer?
Girl: The man who adds poison in someone's cereal..

Short jokes on plastic surgery..
Patient: What is the cost of plastic surgery?
Doctor: It is near about 10,000$.
Patient: Well, what if we arrange the plastic?

Short jokes on businessman..
Man: Do you know how businessman talks in short?
Woman: I don't know..
Man: They say my short life is like math and i am trying to add my
income, subtract from my weight, divide my time and avoid multiplying..

Short jokes about friend and best friend..
When we are in hospital, our friend asks: How are you dear?
But our best friend asks: Hey buddy, how is the nurse?

Short jokes about females..
Girl: Do you know why were females created before males?
Boy: Because god needed a rough draft before the final copy!

Short jokes about the secret of happy marriage..
Son: Dad, What is the secret of happy married life?
Dad replied in short: It is still a secret!!

Short jokes about confidence & confidential..
Daughter: Mom, what is the difference between confident and confidential
Mom: Well, you are my baby is a thing of confident but who is your dad
is something confidential..

Short jokes on barbers..
Son: Why do barbers become good drivers shortly?
Father replied in short: Because they know all the short cuts..

Short jokes on lipsticks..
First friend: Dear, i love lipsticks, they are very tasty.
Next Day..
Second friend: You are liar, i bought 10 lipsticks and ate them.!!

Short jokes on dog's life..
Girl: Why dogs don't marry?
Boy: Simply because they are already having a short life of dog.

Short jokes on wife fear..
Man: My wife is short temper & she also scare of water.
Friend: how do you know?
Man: Today when i went home, she was in bath tub with the security guard. !!

Short friend jokes..
Man to his short friend: Do you one thing?
Short man: what?
Man: You are so short that you are the last person to know that its raining..

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