Sapna Tanveer from Four Cottages says she will not do ‘bit’ periods in B-grade movies
Name: Sapna Zarina Sheikh
Address: Homeowner of Four Bungalows

Age: 23
Profession: Has conducted in over 70 C-grade films and is quite well-known in this market.
What do you experience about this new design of using system increases in C-grade films to convert them into older movies?
I do not thoughts this to a certain level. Some organizations do take us into assurance when using a system twice since it is our experience that seems to be in the periods. Others do not. I do not thoughts it offering the 'bits' do not control the film.

If I ever believed my leisure has been neglected, I would not hotel to getting the problem to analyze like Manisha Koirala. But I do cope with the problem with organizations if I have a problem.

Who are these females and how much do they charge?
These females cost Rs 500 to 1,000 per modify.

What are your opinions about it?
I am not against visibility, but I would not stoop so low as to do ‘bit’ periods in films.
However, you have to current, otherwise your films will not get guests in declares like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab.

A-grade films where the heroines are definitely dolled up are not well-known in these places.

Do individuals identify you?
Though not many individuals know me in Mumbai, I am quite well-known in these declares.

Every six a few a few several weeks, I am approved to film in these places and most individuals come to see me.

When did you get your first personal in the film industry?
I got my first personal in a C-grade film at the age of 17.

Where do you come from?
am initially from Nashik.

How did you come to Mumbai?

My household recommended me to be in showbiz. So I used to continuous my aunt's position in Mumbai.

I definitely resolved down here after I approved my HSC assessment in Nasik. Until then I would handle doing in level reveals with my knowing.

What are your upcoming plans?

I want to generate a C-grade film because you can generate about Rs three to four laths on a film. But my film will be stylish instead of just sexy; something on the choices of Jims.

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